Going-to-the-Sun Road 2024 plowing update
Going-to-the-Sun Road 2024 plowing update

Crews are hard at work up at Glacier National Park clearing massive drifts at Logan Pass in an effort to open the Going-to-the-Sun Road as soon as possible but they got their work cut out for them as its the deepest snow they’ve measured at the pass in the early spring since 2011.

“This is why we don’t predict when we’re going to open up the Going-to-the-Sun Road. We absolutely would have gotten ourselves in a pickle back in April when everything was warm and we were up really high and everything was looking good. You can’t predict the storms that you’ll get, we’ve had cycles of storms, and our guys have plowed through those shoots five or six times.” -Glacier National Park Chief of Facilities Maintenance Jim Foster 

Daily Interlake reports west side plows are working on the Big Drift just past Logan Pass and east side plow crews are just below the east side tunnel. The two crews will double team breaking down the Big Drift in about a week.

As you might imagine the lower sections of the road are much less challenging than the alpine sections. One massive issue is the springtime avalanches that have washed away much of their headway:

The last avalanches were on the 13th of May last year, and yesterday we had seven. We keep re-plowing or pre-plowing to follow-up in the morning, we’ll start working and then we’ll have to plow ourselves out in the afternoon.” -Glacier National Park Chief of Facilities Maintenance Jim Foster 

For the most up to date info on snow plowing operations along the Going-to-the-Sun road GO HERE

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