Moose chase down an Alaskan cyclist.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – This is definitely not what you want to happen while on a bike ride. This person was riding in Anchorage, Alaska, when a moose and her calf began chasing after them along the path. At first it almost seems like the moose are just joining in the fun, but the calf picks up speed for whatever reason, and things seem to get a lot worse from there.

“A mother moose and her calf follow a bicyclist riding on the Cambell Creek Trail in Anchorage.

While moose aren’t inherently aggressive towards humans, they can become defensive in some cases, especially while protecting their young. If, for whatever reason, one starts to chase after you, running behind some sort of solid object is ideal. Additionally, the animals aren’t likely to continue chasing for long, so if you have to keep running, keep running.

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