Eldora Ski Patrollers at work. Credit: Eldora PSPA

NEDERLAND, Colorado – The Eldora Ski Patrol has officially unionized following the resort’s decision to withdraw a challenge on the 29-to-3 pro-unionization election held in March. According to an Instagram post from the Eldora Professional Ski Patrol Association (PSPA), a hearing was set to commence a few days ago on May 29.

The hearing was due to commence today in regards to the challenge, but Eldora has decided to withdraw its challenge… so we have a UNION. It has been such a long hard road, and we are so grateful to the folks who have put in hours of work, both patrollers and public, thank you. We feel strongly that it will all be worth it for the future of Eldora ski patrol.” – Eldora PSPA

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The PSPA’s main goals for a new contract include overtime pay after 40 hours, rather than the current 56 hours, health insurance for all patrollers, rather than just patrollers returning for their third year or more, experience-based pay increases, and on-mountain indoor restrooms.

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