Fairbanks, Alaska — For a state with one of the smallest populations in the U.S., The Last Frontier is home to quite a few lost ski areas. According to the Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project, 94 downhill ski areas in Alaska have closed over time. Arguably the most famous of this bunch is Cleary Summit.

In this week’s episode of Skier72’s The Lost Resorts series, he explores the history of the Cleary Summit ski area. The video discusses the ski area’s history, why it closed, what has happened since it was shuttered, and the mountain’s topography.

Operating from 1949 to 1994, Cleary Summit was Fairbanks’ main ski area for decades. The ski area was home to twenty ski runs and multiple surface lifts. Ultimately, growing ski industry competition in the Fairbanks area and rising insurance costs led to Cleary Summit’s closure in 1994. While some infrastructure was moved to Hilltop Ski Area, some of the lifts and buildings remain standing to this day.

For more information about Cleary Summit, check out the Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project profile on the lost ski area.

Image/Video Credits: Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project, Skier72

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