Lucas Catania on Rat's Nest at Snowbird.

SNOWBIRD, Utah – With the closure of Snowbird this past weekend, Utah’s ski season has sadly come to an end. No matter how you feel about it, the season is over. Skier and YouTuber Lucas Catania rode the mountain on its final day, filming several of the runs and, frankly, making it clear just how much snow is still there.

Closing day at snowbird for the 2023/2024 season! snowbird had another great year boasting over 600″ of snow for the season and keeping riding open till memorial day weekend this year. we set out for the day for one final rip to experience snowbird surf season and enjoy an absolutely beautiful day up in the mountains.

The conditions didn’t look the best, but I’d say they still look pretty sweet. As he points out, Snowbird conditions always seem good. But seasons must come to an end. Thankfully we’re only like 5-6 months from things starting up again.

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