male black bear fight alaska road
male black bear fight alaska road

“The sound of bears fights is an eerie mix of whoofing, bawling, teeth clacking and snarls.”

If you live in black bear country it can be pretty easy to get complacent about their presence and think of them more as overgrown trash pandas than physically threatening but when push comes to shove, a black bear can seriously throw down.

Check out this gnarly black bear fight smack dab in the middle of an Alaskan road. Those looping overhand punches are terrifying:

Rogue River Outfitters

Rogue River Outfitters Yukon

The team witnessed this battle between two big male black bears yesterday. With the mating season still weeks away, this battle is most likely a chance encounter and an ensuing fight over territory.

The speed and power is mind blowing. You can see some of the blows delivered knock each other off their feet. They look slow and cumbersome as they walk along but this video clearly illustrates the agility, power and speed they can summon when the occasion calls for it.

Fights like this are rare to observe but they do happen frequently, especially in areas where the density of bears is high. The wars are more intense if the food supply is limited or during the mating season.

The sound of bears fights is an eerie mix of whoofing, bawling, teeth clacking and snarls. Unfortunately the fight broke out as the team approached in a truck so the footage was captured without any sound of the fight.

Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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