Mammut's Core Protect Rope

Ropes are, obviously, lifesaving pieces of equipment in climbing. And fortunately, today’s ropes are strong and quite reliable. But they can still fail, especially when encountering sharp objects, and when a rope fails, it’s catastrophic.

Mammut set out to fix that problem. Not by asking climbers to use a thicker rope, and not by asking climbers climb softer routes, but by creating a stronger rope: the Core Protect Rope.

The Core Protect Rope is built with the same core material as any Mammut rope, known for both strength and dynamic properties. But with an aramid mid-layer, the rope’s cut resistance is boosted. The aramid’s lack of dynamic properties is fixed by winding it with extra length, so if the rope’s outer layer is ripped open on a sharp edge, the aramid mid-layer can stretch to its full length.

Dynamic, easy-to-handle, and significantly more cut-resistant, our award-winning Core Protect Dry Rope is designed with new, patented technology. Made for the ones who climb technical routes and ridges, it brings enhanced protection on sharp edges – giving you the confidence to take on that next grade.

The Alpine Core Protect Dry Rope is available in an 8.0mm option and a 9.5mm option, for $149.95 and $169.95 (they are on sale right now, so act quickly to get a healthy 25% off).

Mammut’s 9.5mm Core Protect Rope

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