Heaven — The world is currently mourning the loss of Bill Walton. The basketball legend had a hall-of-fame career thanks to his successes in college and the NBA. His eccentric personality made him have a memorable follow-up career in sports broadcasting. For us skiers and riders, Bill is remembered for his contribution to one of the most trippy ski films ever made.

In 2019, Teton Gravity Research made a film that meshes the Grateful Dead’s music, the trippy visuals that have become a staple of the Deadhead experience with the world of skiing, riding, and surfing. Fire On The Mountain, named after the famous Grateful Dead song, features shredding from Chris Benchetler, Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, Michelle Parker, and surfer Rob Machado. The film was narrated by Bill Walton, who was one of the most avid Deadheads out there.

Here’s what Walton said about the film back in 2019:

“This project is one of the coolest things that I have ever been involved with, and it validates my criteria for why I do things—people, passion, and purpose. I love the edge, and beyond. Fire On The Mountain takes this notion to incalculable heights, and spectacular places.”

You can watch the ski film below. If you’re looking for more Bill Walton content, check out ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on him. RIP to the legendary Bill Walton.

Image/Video Credits: Teton Gravity Research

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