Inflatable Dog Ramp
Inflatable Dog Ramp

“The inflatable Pup Plank dog ramps are perfect for any dog. These can be used on boats, docks, pools & more. Great for the pool to help animals or critters exit the water safely. Deep weighted-mesh with integrated steps creates easy entrance for your dog.”

If you’re the type of boater who brings your dog along on adventures, you should be aware of this brilliant little add-on that will make your life, and your dog’s, a million times easier. Its called The Pup Plank ($240) and its so dang simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t seen it before. Works on boats, docks and pools. No need to over-explain, check out the video:


The Pup Plank was invented to make it easier for water-loving dogs to get in and out of the water. Whether it be on the boat, off the dock, or in the pool – attach the Pup Plank and let your dog effortlessly enjoy the water. Gone are the days of you, the owner, having to struggle lifting your dog out of the water. 

The Pup Planks integrated weighted mesh sinks below water-level to create an effortless entry-point for swimming pets. The frame is designed with premium-grade PVC & our state-of-the-art drop-stitch technology, so the Pup Plank feels rigid when inflated, and is incredibly light & compact when folded up – making it the perfect item for your boat. BUY HERE.


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