This person looks pretty happy though.

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah — For years, Snowbird had one of the longest seasons in North America, remaining open until June or July during some seasons. They even had a nickname for this notoriety: The Longest Season In Utah.

However, Snowbird’s closing dates have gradually decreased in recent years, allowing Solitude to gain this title thanks to opening earlier than The Bird. With an above-average snowfall winter and Snowbird saying they would be open through at least Memorial Day, locals were expecting to ski into June. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as Snowbird announced yesterday that they’re closing on Memorial Day.

With a diminishing snow depth and construction projects at the Wilbere terrain pod and Mid-Gad ongoing, Snowbird will shut down for the ski season on Memorial Day. The Tram, Little Cloud, and Peruvian will operate for this final weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 8 am-2 pm). Mineral Basin was scheduled to operate, but mechanical issues have prevented it from operating for Memorial Day Weekend.

Many locals were not happy with the decision, voicing their displeasure on Snowbird’s Instagram page:

  • “If y’all are really closing for construction, y’all definitely knew that more than 4 days before closing day.”
  • “This spring was looking good to go into June…mild temps, might snow again(a little), deep base…bummer.”
  • “Above average season and can’t even make it past Memorial Day. Pretty disappointing.”
  • “Welcome to the new Snowbird. Where skiing is not their top priority. Sad to see your demise guys. You had a good run.”

In terms of my personal viewpoint, I do get that these construction projects are important. Ultimately, it’s hard to determine what the snowpack is like without being there, and melting can happen pretty quickly in May. I don’t really get why they couldn’t go at least one weekend in June, though, even if it’s bare bones in spots. That’s what late Spring skiing is all about.

One thing is for certain: Snowbird no longer has the longest season in Utah. That title belongs to Solitude.

Image Credits: Snowbird Resort

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