Tabanelli siblings gap the road as Giro d'Italia racer Tadej Pogačar passes beneath.

ITALY – The Giro d’Italia is nearing its conclusion. With just a handful stages left to go, the incredible Tadej Pogačar holds a strong 7 minute and 42 second lead ahead of the second place racer, Daniel Felipe Martinez (as of May 23, following stage 18).

With Jonas Vingegaard sitting out the Italian race with an injury, it seemed near certain that Pogačar would have the pink jersey on his back in little time. But that doesn’t mean the race has been boring. Towards the end of stage 15, skiing fans around the world were given quite the treat.

Italian freeskiers Miro Tabanelli (19) and Flora Tabanelli (16) gapped the road along the race’s final climb into Livigno. The siblings didn’t just gap the road, though. They jumped the road as the pink jersey wearer Tadej Pogačar passed underneath them, making for one of the more epic scenes we’ve seen in a bike race.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone jump the road in a big bike race. Some mountain biker seems to jump the Tour de France every few years. But this is the first time we’ve seen skiers do it.

Pretty wild stuff. Cheers to the Tabanelli siblings for pulling this sweet stunt off.

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