A bear spray canister exploded through a car's windshield. Credit: Pat Bohannan via Facebook

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – A Yellowstone employee shared quite the fable to an employee Facebook group this month, prompting another to spread the word through the Yellowstone Hiking Group. Their friend, while parked at an employee RV park, left bear spray on their car dash, leading to an explosion and rocket reaction from the can.

According to the Facebook post, the canister blew right through the windshield, launching several hundred feet over some trees. Fortunately no one was injured and no more damage was sone outside of the windshield.

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A Yellowstone employee shares their story of an exploding bear canister. Credit: Pat Bohannan via Facebook

According to the Counter Assault website (one of the big distributors of bear spray), bear spray should be kept in a glove box or another designated storage area while in your car. In case it goes off, nothing should be packed on top of the canister.

However, leaving a canister in cars for extended periods of time can be dangerous, especially if temperatures might be extreme. In this story, the canister was apparently not in direct sunlight and the temperature wasn’t notable extreme, but it still managed to explode.

The exploding bear canister managed to fly several hundred feet over trees. Credit: Pat Bohannan via Facebook

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