Donny Pelletier holds a bottle of Moxie at Gould's 183rd Commencement Ceremony

It’s graduation season! High schoolers, college students, Master’s students, and many more have been and will continue to walk across a stage to collect their diploma over the past few and next few months. With graduations comes graduation speakers. Some good, some (as we’ve seen this year) terrible.

So, if you’re one of the unfortunate few who gets a bad graduation speaker, watching Maine’s finest athlete Donny Pelletier deliver a graduation speech at Gould Academy might cheer you up a bit.

The video should be embedded to begin at 20:17, when Donny Pelletier comes out. If it’s not, just go to 20:17. Of course, Olympian Troy Murphy (the man behind the character) speaks for a good 7ish minutes before Donny comes out. Start the video around 13:50 if you want to watch his whole speech. If you really want, you can watch the entire graduation.

Additionally, here’s Donny Pelletier chatting with students and teachers, convincing them to swig down some Moxie and asking them questions about their future.

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