Tornado rips apart Iowa windmill

GREENFIELD, Iowa – It’s been a very active tornado season through the midwest this year, with storm chasers catching some truly incredible footage and sharing it to the internet. This tornado was caught on camera ripping through a field of windmills, tearing several of them apart.

On a serious note, a lot of people have lost their homes, towns, and lives throughout these storms, and our hearts and thoughts go out to those people and their families. If you’re looking to support those impacted by the storms, or really by any natural disaster, supporting the Red Cross is a great way to do so.

Massive #tornado with multiple vortices rips down windmills and damages homes in Iowa including Greenfield, Iowa. Dominator FPV drone orbited the tornado racing northeast at 55 mph. Dominator 3 could have directly intercepted this tornado. Major tornado outbreak underway.

According to the Demoine Register, this footage, captured by Reed Timmer, shows turbines owned by MidAmerican. Apparently they’ve only experienced one turbine collapse in the past, also being caused by a tornado. No technicians at the site were injured, and nobody was injured by the falling turbines.

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