Valle Nevado's live webcam from early morning 5/22/24

As the North American ski season comes to an end, another prepares to begin. Plenty of ski resorts can provide skiing throughout our summer in South America alone. Chile, for example, is packed full of resorts.

The Tres Valles area, not to be confused with the French Les 3 Vallées, contains Valle Nevado, La Prava, and El Colorado, three high quality resorts within one small area. And, wouldn’t you know it, Tres Valles (mainly Valle Nevado) is getting dumped on right now.

Unfortunately Valle Nevado isn’t tracking season snowfall on their website yet, but one look at their live cameras shows that they’re getting pounded. It’s hard to tell exactly how much snow they have on the ground, but I would guess somewhere around 5 inches give or take.

Based on ticketing information, Valle Nevado isn’t set to open until June 21, but that’s less than a month away. There are other ski resorts already open in Chile at this point, too. If this snow keeps falling, though, these resorts of Chile could be in for an epic opening day.

Looking at the other resort’s cameras doesn’t seem to show quite the same ferocity of snowfall, but you can tell there’s stuff coming down, and there’s certainly plenty on the ground.

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