Two lawsuit exhibits, taken by a bystander on the mountain. Credit: Pitkin County Court District

ASPEN, Colorado – A runaway snowboarder involved in a hit-and-run accident on Aspen Mountain on Feb. 24 may have been identified by the victims lawyer, sparking an amendment to the original lawsuit filed on March 20 of this year.

According to Aspen Daily News, social media postings, videos, and ticketing evidence from the resort, as well as photographs taken by skiers at the time of the accident, have lead to what victim Anne Cassidy’s lawyer, Michael Fox, believes is a positive identification. On May 10, the amendment was added to the suit identifying Riku Banushi, or Eric Banushi, of Queens, N.Y., as the defendant in the case.

A court subpoena asked SkiCo to turn over any video surveillance footage taken at lifts near and around the same time as the incident to Fox. At the time of the incident, a bystander skier caught up to the boarder and insistent that he wait for ski patrol to arrive.

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According to the lawsuit, however, the boarder threatened the bystander with physical violence. In response, the skier took photos of the man, providing Cassidy’s team with the boarder’s outfit (mostly all black). Footage turned over by SkiCo showed just one person leaving the Aspen Mountain Gondola with a matching outfit.

Approximately 5 minutes before the collision a person wearing the same clothes as the person in the collision can be seen exiting the top of the Aspen Mountain Gondola. Upon reviewing the bottom of the Aspen Gondola security footage and seeing when this person went through the turnstile, this person was identified as … Defendant Banushi.” – Anne Cassidy’s lawsuit

As of Friday, May 17, Banushi had not been served with a lawsuit.

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