Psychotic skier shoves their way through the entire lift line

Someone seems to act out in the lift line every time I go skiing. It just feels inevitable, to some extend. Maybe they’re jumping forward a bit too far to meet up with friends, maybe they’re taking up half of a roped line while waiting for their buddies, or maybe they’re just cutting.

Some people just don’t seem to get it, and those people are a**holes. (Since those people also probably just straight up suck, here’s a little reminder on how to ride a ski life, for their own good!)

Few people are a**holes like this guy, though. He doesn’t just cut a bit of the line, he cuts the whole thing, shoving his way through a whole load of skiers waiting patiently. European lines are a chaotic mess compared to North American lines, there’s no denying that, but this guy is way out of line.

And then he has the balls to video tape it, edit in a few notes, and post it to the internet? That’s some of the most self centered behavior I’ve seen posted by the assailant.

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