A cougar chased a Washington family's cat onto the back patio.

MONROE, Washington – This Washington family was given quite the spook when a cougar chased their cat towards the back patio, where the family was sitting at the time.

According to K5, cougars are not uncommon in the Monroe area, but a daytime encounter with humans is pretty rare.

Greg Havener’s wife and daughter were sitting on the back patio when the large wild cat arrived, quickly grabbing their puppy and heading inside. Havener was behind the family car at the time, noticing the ruckus and beginning to confront the animal before even realizing that it was a cougar.

We couldn’t even process what happened until afterwards we went and looked at the video and the different angles and saw what everybody was doing and then I started worrying about the kids in the yard playing in the future and if it would show up again.” – Greg Havener

The cougar did run away after noticing the family, and nobody, including the pets, was harmed.

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