A bison rams a minivan in Yellowstone National Park

I don’t think anyone wants to return from a vacation with a damaged car from any sort of accident, but at least in this case there’s a pretty wild story to tell. The bison in this clip really didn’t like that this minivan was slowly moving along, so he charged it and did some proper damage. Part of the bumper’s removed, and it seems like some fluid might be leaking from the car. All in all, not a good moment for the minivan owner.

If there’s a bison in the middle of the road, your best bet is to stop and wait until it passes. Once it’s moved along to the side, you should slowly drive past it, giving it as much space as possible. Of course, that’s more or less what the driver was doing in this video, but the important thing is that, despite the damage to the vehicle, everyone remained safe.

The bison ramming the minivan occurs at the very beginning. Unfortunately, there is another bison blocking the view, but you can see the van rock after it was hit. Once the bison in the foreground moves, you can see the damage and if you look closely you can see water (or some fluid) leaking from the vehicle.

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