This skier slid hundreds of feet after wiping out on The Tunnel run at Alpe D'Huez

FRANCE – Understanding how to self arrest and stop yourself on a slide down the mountain is a pretty important skill. It can save your life, or at least save you from some hardcore injuries.

I’m not saying this guy didn’t know how to self arrest. Accidents and uncontrollable falls can occur no matter who you are. I’m just saying that this guy went the distance.

This guy took a tumble down The Tunnel run on Alpe D’Huez, taking skiers down a narrow tunnel and out to one of the steepest mogul fields in Europe. While it’s truly impossible to say what ski run is the most difficult in Europe, this one definitely ranks high up there.

The skier suffered a torn rotator cuff on the right shoulder from this fall. Though that’s obviously a brutal injury, it’s good it wasn’t significantly worse.

Skiing the famous ‘Le Tunnel’ Black run in Alpe D’Huez on Wednesday 15/03/2017. Small mistake turns into massive 150m-200m fall/crash. Filmed from my point of view. Injury sustained: torn rotator cuff on right shoulder.

The Tunnel run on Alpe D’Huez takes skiers and riders through a several hundred meter tunnel before getting on the slope.

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