The Dillon Reservoir is already at 89% full.

COLORADO – With Colorado’s current snowpack, the state’s dryer months could be plenty wet in the rivers and reservoirs. According to CBS Colorado, the water level in the Colorado River basin is at 155% of its average, while South Platte River Basin is looking at 121% of the usual water level.

The high snowpack is, of course, one of the main contributors to the state’s high water levels. But the snowpack feeding the Dillon Reservoir’s melting point was also quite a bit later than normal, just five days from the state’s record. With a lack of high spring heat, deeper snow, and later melt, there’s a good chance that Colorado’s water stores will be full once things start to dry up.

While this news means plenty of water for necessary use and recreational use, it can also mean a lower wildfire risk. Of course, if things stay wet the fires won’t be able to start as easily. As always, a good part of it is up to Coloradans to make sure they’re paying attention to their water use.

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Image Credit: CBS Colorado via YouTube

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