Tower 1 of the Saline Valley Salt tram, prior to it being pulled down. Credit: National Park Service

DEATH VALLEY, California – The visitor responsible for pulling down a historic Saline Valley Salt tram tower in Death Valley has come forward, taking full responsibility for the damage done.

According to the National Park Service, the individual called the National Park’s tip line following the initial press release, explaining that the act was out of desperation while deeply stuck in mud. According to their phone call, they had no intent to do any damage to the structure.

We are grateful to the dozens of people who reached out to the park with information and for all the statements of support that we received from people who care about this place and its cultural resources. Although we would certainly prefer that this damage hadn’t happened, we are glad that the person who did this ultimately took responsibility for their actions and came forward.” – acting Superintendent Elizabeth Ibañez

The 113-year-old tower was pulled down at some point between April 1 and April 24, with the individual using a winch to pull their vehicle out of deep mud. The park’s resource management team is currently assessing the damage and what will be needed to repair the tower.

The National Park Service wishes to remind the public to leave the tower alone while it’s being repaired. Even if someone thinks they’re helping, they could be doing quite a lot of extra damage. No more information has been released about the individual responsible for the original damage.

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