A mountain lion kitten chirps like a bird while searching for its mother.

If you’re in the woods and hear a sharp, high pitched bird noise, there’s a chance it’s a mountain lion, rather than a feathered friend. Now that’s not to get you terrified of all bird calls. Mountain lions are still pretty elusive animals and you should be pretty darn safe as long as you follow basic mountain lion safety guidelines.

It is pretty wild to hear, sounding almost exactly like a chirping bird rather than any mammal.

New Mountain lion kitten chirping away trying to locate mom. This is a new kitten I’m guessing to be between 5-7 months old cruising by my camera just before sunset. Listen to the chirping I think based upon tracks I observed there was at least one more kitten my camera did not catch. On night video section, and end section I believe that is momma cougar earlier that morning then appearing just after dark where kitten or kittens were making the calls to her.

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