This might be the craziest way to celebrate Mother’s Day I’ve ever seen! Most people take their mom out for breakfast, buy her some flowers, and spend the day with her, but Fred Fugen goes wingsuit flying with his mom. I didn’t even know a person could fly next to an ultralight aircraft in a wingsuit like that, let alone grab their mother’s hand and hold hands while still actively flying, but here we are.

Fred Fugen’s mom is actually a former skydiver herself, so she’s used to being in the air. But this mid-air meetup is something nobody could possibly be used to. It’s pretty wild.

“GoPro Family member + Soul Flyers pilot Fred Fugen shared a meaningful, mid-flight moment with his mother, a former skydiver herself. Fred met his mom mid-air for a dock as he was wingsuiting, while she was the passenger in an ultralight aircraft. Her dream of skydiving with her son became a reality. Happy Mother’s Day from the Fugen family”

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