There’s a reason why you aren’t supposed to run from a grizzly bear, and it’s mostly based on their speed and the fact that they’re more likely to charge at something that’s running, like dogs. Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, moved around 23.35 mph at his fastest, while a grizzly can move around 35 mph in short stints. So yeah, don’t try to outrun a grizzly.

If you’re ever in a case where a grizzly is charging at you, HOLD YOUR GROUND. Get big and make a lot of noise. If you are properly attacked, lay stomach down on the ground with your hands clasped behind your head and your legs spread out to make it more difficult for the animal to flip you over. Then just play dead and remain still until the animal leaves. If it keeps attacking, then you should start to fight back. (NOTE: These guidelines are different between grizzly bears and black bears. Read more here).

Haven’t a clue who sent it to me, been on my phone a long time. The speed of a Grizzly is insane, especially a XXL size like this one.

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