Cardrona, New Zealand- If you want to watch something wholesome today, you’ve come to the right place.

Cardrona Alpine Resort is preparing to start its 2024 ski season on June 15th, and they’ve seen a few early snowstorms this Fall. The latest storm came through earlier this week, returning the mountain to its most appealing look.

During the snowstorm, a dog celebrated the occasion by giving himself a back rub. Nelson, the canine companion of one of Cardrona’s employees, decided to lay it all out on the new snowy surface that had formed on the road. Dogs typically give themselves a back rub when they have an itch, so that back rub must have felt refreshing. However, it probably didn’t feel as good as chasing a squirrel.

While the upcoming ski season is exciting for Cardrona, 2025 will be more noteworthy. In November 2023, Cardrona announced that it would be expanding into Soho Basin. The 150-hectare expansion will add intermediate and advanced terrain to Cardrona, making it the largest ski resort in the country. Click here for more information about those plans.

Image/Video Credits: Cardrona Alpine Resort

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