BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada – I think everyone’s gone through a phase of wishing they owned a school bus turned into a sick camper/transporter for their favorite sports. Personally, I’d love a ski/bike/hike bus, with room for several friends to bunk up and live the high life on the road. This crew of B.C. based mountain bikers have literally that. An old school bus converted to carry both people & bikes for a sweet multi-day bike adventure.

What could be a better mode of transportation for five young B.C. shredders embarking on classic southern B.C. roadtrip than an old skoolie dubbed the Cool Bus? With the legendary freeride TV shows from the 2000s serving as inspiration and Shimano’s new gravity shoes on their feet, Jacob Murray, Natasha Miller, Lucy Van Eesteren, Mateo Quist and Ryder Bulfone climb aboard the Cool Bus and set out on a four-day, 1,000-kilometer pilgrimage into the past.

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