It’s time for everyone’s favorite game! “Who’s at fault for this skier x snowboarder collision?” Today we have a clip shared to TikTok by Michaela Frost, showing a skier and hardboot snowboarder colliding on a Colorado slope. Give it a good watch, try to remove any biases surrounding skiers and snowboarders, and ask yourself: who’s to blame?

I am not the authority on skier/snowboarder collisions, but I can definitely have an opinion. If you ask me, I think it’s 100% the snowboarders fault, no questions asked. The skier is holding a more consistent line, staying more predictable, while the snowboarder is taking a massive turn that collides with the skier. Additionally, and potentially most importantly, the skier is actively turning away from the snowboarder, while the snowboarder is actively turning towards the skier. I 100% blame the snowboarder.

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