X (formerly twitter) user Tree Tanner had quite the sunset experience as they spotted a rare, all-white furred moose on a Canadien road. Spotting a moose alone is a pretty cool experience. Two together is even cooler, and one of them being fully white is just insane.

Now, according to National Geographic, there’s a good chance this moose isn’t actually albino. It’s hard to tell in this clip, but it seems as if its eyes are pretty standard. In albinism, the loss of pigmentation typically leads to light or pinkish eyes. Instead, there’s a good chance this animal is ‘piebald’, meaning it has a recessive gene that causes the white fur growth. It could be either, though. Without a clear look, it’s hard to tell.

Whatever the case, this is definitely a cool experience. Tree Tanner denied to say exactly where this video was taken for the safety of the video, but based on their tags, it likely occurred somewhere in Alberta.

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