We all wish we could live off grid. Okay, maybe not all of us, but with the rise of social media and forced connection to the rest of the world, I think the number of people who do is growing exponentially.

Charles Bello is one of the lucky few who’s actually managed to do such a thing. In 1968, he moved onto a 240-acre plot of land with his wife, Vanna Rae, to live off grid. They lived in an A-Frame they had built in just five days for the first 15 years in the woods. Eventually, their life moved into a cabin, and in 1991, Charles designed the Parabolic Glass House that’s featured heavily in the below video.

In 2021, Charles gave the property to the Humbolt State University Foundation, hoping they would preserve and continue what he had started on the property. Unfortunately Charles believed the foundation violated several conditions that went along with the donation agreement, and was raising money for legal fees back in 2022.

No updates have been made to the original crowdfunding page, and little information on the cause is out as of now.

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