Mt. Washington, New Hampshire– It was one of those vintage Tuckerman Ravine weekends. Warm temperatures brought backcountry skiers out to take on one of the most challenging routes in the Northeast. Some felt the thrill of victory, while others tasted the agony of defeat.

Saturday’s rowdiest send went to Jackson Lalla, who skied down the Center Bowl, which consisted of multiple cliffs. Near the end of his run, he lost a ski, so his only error was not setting his DIN level a wee bit higher. Reddit user u/bsugs29 shared a video of the skier’s line, which is attached below.

Reddit user Matt01zzl brought up a great point about keeping focused on the runout of significant lines:

“Never lose focus until you are stopped, I have seen plenty of people hit amazing lines and then break bones trying to slow down in the runnout. Look away for a few milli seconds to process how crazy that double was while still moving that speed on inconsistent spring snow and unexpected things can happen. Great reaction to ride it out by this beast!”

Here’s an alternate angle from Marc Saucier, who sent it to the White Mountain Ski Co’s Instagram page.

Image/Video Credits: u/bsugs29, White Mountain Ski Co./Marc Saucier

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Update 5/1: The article has been updated to reflect that the skier who completed this impressive sent was Jackson Lalla, not Pat Sheils, as initially written in this article. We have updated this post to reflect that.

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