Rossignol has announced a new collection called “The Super Project” inspired by a legendary slalom ski from 1990, fusing the retro aesthetics of the 7SK with cutting-edge technology of 2024. The 7SK was revolutionary for its time (K stands for Kevlar) and was held by skiers on both Olympic and World podiums. Rossi is releasing a bike, skis and a snowboard in honor of the 7SK and even published an accompanying Spotify playlist for the release…it kinda slaps to honest:

The “Super Project” embodies a true philosophy: exceptional products in limited series, with unique designs that stand out. It’s a real mindset that brings together outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year, thus weaving a symbolic connection with the mountain vibe.

The 7SK, legendary model from 1990 lies at the heart of this year’s collection. This slalom ski, with 63 mm underfoot and the “K” technology for Kevlar, represents the ultimate evolution of the mythical Rossignol 4S, repeatedly rewarded at the Olympic Games and World Cups. The 7SK has captivated with its bold marriage between retro aesthetics (turquoise) and cutting-edge technology, illustrated by its chromed gradient.

But the saga of the “Super Project” doesn’t stop there! It continues with the Super Heretic (bike), the Super Blackops (skis) and its Look Super Edition Pivot binding, and the Super Revenant (snowboard). Four gravity-orientated toys, designed to go down the most engaged runs in all terrains and all conditions. 

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