This video showcases a confrontation that took place at Sun Valley, Idaho, involving a snowboarder and a skier. The incident unfolded on a groomed run where the snowboarder overtook the skier at a high speed. The snowboarder believed he had maintained a safe distance, ensuring both parties’ safety, and was therefore surprised by the skier’s response. The skier reacted angrily, spraying snow at the snowboarder and shouting profanities, indicating his displeasure with the maneuver.

Caught on a GoPro camera, this exchange quickly became a topic of discussion within the snowboarding and skiing communities, prompting a range of opinions on skiing etiquette and safety on the slopes. The video highlights the often tense dynamics between skiers and snowboarders, especially regarding speed, passing, and personal space on ski runs.


In response to the backlash and the heated debate that followed, the snowboarder released this follow-up video. His aim is to offer his point of view in more detail, addressing the criticisms and explaining his actions and intentions at the time of the incident. This follow-up is intended to provide context and perhaps foster a better understanding among the winter sports community regarding such confrontations.

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