Moab, Utah is renowned for its extraordinary mountain biking trails, attracting Mountain Bikers from around the world eager to run the unique terrain. Among the notable lines is one tackled by mountain biker Kilian Bron, celebrated for its extreme steepness and technical difficulty. This particular line, often referred to as one of the steepest ever ridden, showcases Moab’s rugged landscape, which includes slickrock, steep drops, and stunning red rock backdrops.

Short, sweet, and mega-steep…check out this banger of a line Kilian Bron stepped to in Moab. This is wild.

GoPro footage: 

Moab offers a variety of trails ranging from beginner to expert, but it is particularly famous for these challenging lines that require high skill levels and nerves of steel. Riders who venture to Moab can expect not only thrilling rides but also panoramic views of the area’s iconic natural beauty. This combination of extreme sport and nature makes Moab a bucket-list destination for mountain bikers seeking adventure and a test of their abilities. Kilian Bron’s daring descent exemplifies the essence of mountain biking in Moab, combining skill and risk.

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