COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Colorado road cyclists, runners, and outdoor enjoyers, if you’re in desperate need of a scenic road experience without any interruptions from cars, check out Motorless Morning this Sunday, April 28, at Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs! From 5am-12pm, no motorized vehicles are allowed within the park, providing a clean, quiet, and safe experience for all non-motorized forms of movement.

All park rules, including speed limits, will still be in place throughout the morning. The one exception is that skateboards and longboards, which are typically not allowed on the park roads, will be allowed. Slow zones and one-way traffic zones will be in place, so pay attention.

Motor vehicles obviously are not allowed, but electric-assist bikes and other power-driven mobility devices are welcome on the road. The speed limit in the Colorado park is 20mph throughout the park, and you need to respect both slow zones and one-ways. Follow the direction of traffic! Important note: the bike lanes will not be utilized as such Sunday morning. Slower traffic is encouraged to stick to the right, while faster traffic should stick to the left.

Pets are of course welcome, but they need to stay on a leash and pet owners need to stay aware of their surroundings. Everyone should be staying alert, though. Wear just one headphone if you’re going to listen music, and always be on the lookout for others. There’s no concern of motor vehicles, though, so enjoy it!

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Image Credit: Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center via Facebook

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