COLORADO – If there’s one state where you can properly expect to see some crazy military aircraft while driving in the middle of nowhere, it’s Colorado.

There are probably several states where this is more or less the case, but as someone who’s lived in Colorado for a fair chunk of time, I can tell you that’s definitely the case here. There are a whole lot of military bases in and around the Front Range. The Air Force Academy is probably the most well known, but there are several other Air Force bases and a couple Army instillations as well. Plus Lockheed Martin has several locations in Colorado.

If you take a long drive in the mountains, there’s a good chance you’ll see some serious aircraft. I remember my first time ever skiing at Arapahoe Basin, several jets buzzed the resort, and a video went viral of the same earlier this year.

So I’m not surprised to see this video of three C-130 Hercules buzzing a car on a random remote Colorado road, but I sure do love watching it. I’d like to think those pilots knew exactly what they were doing, giving quite the show for some people on the ground.

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