JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming – An illustration created by Lift Lines Comics‘ Ryan Stolp has stirred up a heap of controversy after apparently leading to the closure of a free parking loophole at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

The comic in question, initially posted to social media on March 14, pokes fun at the “levels of security” surrounding ski secrets. Powder stashes are depicted with a simple padlock, first tram/free lift ticket hookups are depicted as a prison surrounded by barbed wire, and free parking “hacks” are depicted as the heavily guarded NORAD base.

Apparently as a reaction to the comic, the Teton Village Association, responsible for all parking at the resort, closed a loophole commonly used by staff to gain free parking in the mountain’s paid lots. Though the comic doesn’t actually detail the hack or how it works, many commenters have directly blamed Stolp for the loophole closure.

“Use this comment as the dislike button.

This is why Jackson can’t have nice things

Thanks bro…. You mainly just screwed the people that keep the resort open for you everyday…… truly an unparalleled example of not thinking before you speak.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort does not manage the paid lots throughout the village. Instead, that responsibility has gone to the Teton Village Association since 1998. According to a statement from resort president Mary Kate Buckley, management of the resort was unaware of the hack leading up to the release of the cartoon.

The Teton Village Master Plan restricts Teton Village employees from parking in Teton Village and requires that they rely on bus service or carpooling for transportation to the Village.  The TVA selected and implemented the automated gate system three years ago and manages the ongoing operation of these gates.  The JHMR management team was not aware of the parking hack until recently and encourages the TVA to work towards a permanent solution.” – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort President Mary Kate Buckley

Several days after posting the initial comic, Stolp uploaded a video explaining that he had no intention of exposing the apparent hack, and that he did not realize the number of resort employees that relied on the free parking.

I made the comic as a joke about ALL the parking secrets – from 1-hour musical chairs to spots behind dumpsters. It’s universal for skiers at EVERY resort (& honestly stadiums, universities, downtowns….)” – Ryan Stolp of Lift Lines Comics

As someone who’s not a local or employee at Jackson Hole, it seems pretty clear that the Teton Village Association already knew about this apparent hack and already had plans to shut it down. The comic itself exposes so little details about how it works.

It does seem likely that this comic pushed upper staff to close the loophole earlier, but I don’t know how much blame can really be put on Lift Line Comics. He certainly couldn’t have known that a drawing would cause this many problems. But again, I’m not a local, nor an employee, at Jackson Hole, so what do I know?

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Image Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort via Facebook

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