ALYESKA, Alaska – If you don’t know who Kai Jones is, you probably haven’t been that invested in the world of skiing over the past several years. Son of Teton Gravity Research co-founder Todd Jones, he began to earn some attention for his skiing abilities around 2018, back when he was just 12-years-old. Despite a pretty serious injury taking him down last winter (two broken legs and torn medial/lateral meniscus), he continues to rip like the pro he is.

If you don’t know what Let’s Take a Lap is, you probably haven’t been paying much attention to this website. The YouTube series, created by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, follows professional skiers around different ski resorts. It’s pretty rare that we actually get to see the pros on the very same terrain that we can easily access, so it’s pretty sweet to see how they navigate it.

The most recent episode of Let’s Take A Lap features Kai Jones at Alyeska Resort in Alaska.

“Alyeska is a ripping ski hill with a ton of fun terrain. The north face of the mountain is around 2000′ vert of consistent fall line skiing, and the rest of the mountain is rolling terrain that is feature rich, and super fun. On top of that there is a tram that takes you right from the hotel directly to the goods.”

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Image Credit: Let’s Take A Lap via YouTube

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