SUN VALLEY, Idaho – Sun Valley‘s newly unveiled Lower Flying Squirrel gladed ski trail is a gem that has added a new dimension to the skiing experience at the iconic Idaho ski resort. Open for the first time this season, Lower Flying Squirrel is a great addition to the Warm Springs side of the ski area.

One of the most striking features of Lower Flying Squirrel is its meticulously gladed terrain. Sun Valley has done a commendable job in ensuring that the woods are incredibly well spaced, providing skiers with ample space to carve through the picturesque landscape.

While Sun Valley may not have been synonymous with tree skiing in the past, Lower Flying Squirrel is helping to change that perception. The introduction of more tree-related runs has injected a new sense of excitement into the resort, and Lower Flying Squirrel stands out as a shining example of this transformation.

We were fortunate to time our visit perfectly to coincide with the opening of Lower Flying Squirrel during our weeklong ski tour of central Idaho. As some of the first skiers and snowboarders to sample this new trail, we were greeted with ideal conditions – a smooth base with a fresh foot of snow on top. While some branches and underbrush were present, maintaining control and keeping our tips up allowed us to glide smoothly over the snow, encountering few obstacles as we descended. See below!

Footage from February 6, 2024

What sets Lower Flying Squirrel apart is not just its scenic beauty but also its impeccable design. The run offers superb tree skiing with a nice mellow pitch, catering to skiers of all skill levels. Moreover, the absence of cliff bands ensures a seamless skiing experience, allowing enthusiasts to ski at their own pace without worrying about encountering any significant obstacles.

One of the most impressive aspects of Lower Flying Squirrel is its flow. The trail maintains a good clip throughout, providing skiers with a continuous pitch down to the Warm Springs area. Whether you’re an experienced skier seeking some new terrain or a novice tree skier looking to hone your skills, Lower Flying Squirrel offers a beautiful skiing experience that is bound to leave you wanting more laps.

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