If you haven’t already heard, Indy Pass just announced they are adding 7 new ski resorts to their 2024/2025 roster, bringing the grand total of partner resorts to 200+ and for the first time they are including discounted cat-skiing at 5 participating operations from BC, Idaho and Washington State.

We’ve long been singing the praises of Indy Pass as one of the best values in the ski industry and the deal just got a bit sweeter with the inclusion of 10% discounts if you wanna try your hand at cat-skiing. If you want to learn about all Indy Pass has to offer and explore purchasing options GO HERE:

Partnering cat skiing operations:

-Big Red Cats, British Columbia

-Selkirk Powder, Idaho

-Brundage Mountain Snowcat Adventures, Idaho

-Soldier Mountain Cat Skiing, Idaho

-Cascade Powder Guides, Washington

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