Aspen, Colorado- The Kelce family is kind of a big deal right now. There’s Jason Kelce, the legendary thirteen-year Center for the Philadelphia Eagles who just retired. Then there’s Travis Kelce, the three-time Super Bowl champion who’s dating the most famous person in the world. Each week, the two brothers host a podcast called New Heights. It turns out that Jason & Travis have gone skiing before, and they have a memorable story regarding a trip to Aspen.

The story was first brought up by the duo in a December episode. In the video below, the trio recalled the time they went skiing in Aspen. Before that trip, Jason and Travis had gone skiing before, but it was only at ski resorts in Ohio. Jason’s wife, Kylie, who had never skied before, was left idle on the slopes by Jason, putting her in survival mode. Luckily, she made it down safely, but it took her a long time to reach the base.

A few weeks later, Kylie got to tell her side of the story on the New Heights podcast. Mikaela Shiffrin even got a shoutout!

Image/Video Credits: New Heights

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