LAKE LOUISE, Alberta – Staff at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Canada responded to a video that took the internet by storm this weekend, showing a skier slamming into a chairlift mid-air. According to CTV News, the 17-year-old skier was left mostly uninjured following the crash, but did skip a big air competition he was scheduled to compete in the following day.

I think everybody who’s seen the video is probably surprised that the individual wasn’t hurt worse. We, of course, are very happy there wasn’t a more serious injury.” – Lake Louise communications director Dan Markham

While the video has certainly garnered a lot of attention, it’s pretty clear that management at Lake Louise Ski Resort doesn’t want things like this happening on their terrain. Rather than finding jumps on the side of the trail, management hopes skiers and snowboarders will stick to the pre-designed features.

There’s a reason why we have terrain parks. To give people the opportunity to practice and do these kind of stunts.” – Dan Markham

The mountain, obviously, doesn’t condone this kind of activity. That said, it doesn’t sound like the skier was really punished in any way (other than the physical punishments he brought on himself). We’re glad to see that the kid is doing okay.

Image Credit: Ivan Jones via Instagram

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