Kirkwood Ski Resort in Tahoe closed at 2pm yesterday due to deteriorating conditions caused by a snowstorm that could deliver up to 12 feet of snow. No word yet on their operational plans for today but in post made late last night they warned there may be delays and closures. If you’re looking for the most up to date info on Kirkwood’s plan text “KWupdates” to 530-302-2751.


OPERATIONS UPDATE: The storm has officially made its way to Kirkwood. Our teams are gearing up to try *key word: try* to open Chairs 5 and 7 (maybe 6) tomorrow, Friday, March 1 – this is all dependent on our ability to get Chair 6 spinning for our crews to upload first thing in the morning, which gives us the ability to open 5 and 7. The determining factor to get Chair 6 rolling is the wind, so we’ll see how that plays out.

We’ll provide an operational update as soon as we can tomorrow morning once we’ve evaluated conditions. You can also get more real-time ops alerts using the My Epic app, text alerts (text “KWupdates” to 530-302-2751), and our Mountain Operations X/Twitter.

With heavy snowfall and strong winds forecasted throughout the night tonight through Saturday, it’s best to prepare yourself for delays and the possibility that we may not open tomorrow. It’s also a safe bet that operations will be delayed Saturday and Sunday how much snow we’re expecting that our teams will have to dig out of.

For now, you can rest assured that our teams are working around the clock to get this mountain open as efficiently and safely as possible. The pow will still be here in a few days, so keep it chill and make smart decisions when making travel decisions – you know the drill: check road conditions before you get in your car, make sure your vehicle is winter-ready, take it slow, and pack extra clothes, food, and water in the case Highway 88 closes.

Last, but certainly not least: deep snow safety needs to be top of mind for everyone, especially with the insane amount of snow we’re getting in such a short period of time. For more snow safety tips, check out the @skicalifornia Mountain Safety Guide

We appreciate your patience as we do the tango with Mother Nature, and you know we gotta say it: have fun and be safe!

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