That snowboarder whose TikTok video went viral after getting confronted with a gun toting man who claimed he was riding on private property did an interview with KSL News about the altercation.

Loren Richardson was making his final backcountry run of the day near Brighton Ski Resort when he came up on what looked like a road to him:

“As I dropped into that driveway, I thought it was more of a road.”

As he rounded a corner Richardson came face to face with a homeowner brandishing a gun:

“I’m like, I’m gonna get shot”

Brighton Mayor Dan Knoop has seen the video and weighed in on the situation:

“They shouldn’t be going there, but they do. It’s never acceptable to be brandishing a gun, to be pushing people, swearing, yelling at people. My biggest concern, I don’t want him to get injured, I don’t want him to injure anybody else”

Local police have been in contact with the homeowner. We will be sure to update this story as more information becomes available.

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