Natural Selection DUELS Scout Day at Irwin tenure. Red Gerard vs. Austen Sweetin

Strap in, snowboarder, and get ready for some cheap fun. Pub Beer is about to elevate your après experience to epic proportions! This iconic brew from 10 Barrel Brewing just announced its partnership with the Natural Selection Tour, becoming the Official Après Beer for the world’s premier all-mountain snowboarding competition.

Cheap Fun Meets Progressive Spirit

Pub Beer
Natural Selection DUELS Scout Day at Irwin tenure. Red Gerard vs. Austen Sweetin

“Drink Beer Outside.” That has long been the motto of 10 Barrel Brewing, and Pub Beer embodies it perfectly. There was once a time that brewing a quaffable lager was once a no no in the craft beer world. Now fans can’t enough of this easy-drinking, affordable lager. It’s a total game-changer in the craft beer world and perfect for outdoor après. Pub Beer’s against the grain mantra also makes it an excellent companion to the Natural Selection Tour which is shaking up the snowboarding scene. Both brands share a passion for the outdoors and a rebellious spirit, making this partnership a match made in (après-ski) heaven.

From Slopes of the Natural Selection Tour to Afterglow of Après

The Natural Selection Tour, brainchild of snowboarding legend Travis Rice. Since its inception in 2008, it has redefined competitive riding. The Natural Selection Tour is not your average snowboard contest. It’s about daring freeride athletes conquering natural and enhanced obstacles in wild terrain. And who better to celebrate their victories (and maybe soothe their gnarly falls) than the champion of cheap fun…Pub Beer? With an equally progressive spirit that bucked the trend of high ABV IPAs in the craft beer world, Pub Beer serves as the perfect pairing to the Natural Selection Tour.

Pub Beer is the True Community Champion

Beyond the delicious brews, Pub Beer is a true supporter of the snowboarding community too. They sponsor veteran competitor Ben Ferguson, a pioneer in progressive riding, and their involvement extends to media outlets and key events like this one. Pub Beer understands the core values of snowboarding – adventure, progression, and a little bit of friendly competition.

Brewing the Future of Snowboarding

Natural Selection Tour
Natural Selection DUELS Scout Day at Irwin tenure. Red Gerard vs. Austen Sweetin

As Brian Hughes, Marketing Director at 10 Barrel, puts it, “This collaboration lets us bring our ‘Brew Beer. Drink Beer. Have fun doing it’ vision to the world of backcountry snowboarding.” Pub Beer isn’t just about après; it’s about celebrating the spirit of adventure and pushing the boundaries of both beer and snowboarding.

So, whether you’re a shredding pro or a weekend warrior, raise a can of Pub Beer and join the Natural Selection Tour for an après experience that’s as epic as the competition itself!

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Rich Stoner is the founder of the après-ski lifestyle clothing and media brand, All About Après. He is also the co-host of the Beyond the Après podcast. No stranger to the ski and après-ski scene, Rich has been a long time contributor for many publications on topics like skiing, gear, beer and food. However, his passion is on the slopes and enjoying good times with good people. You can find him perfecting his craft carving turns and drinking beers in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  @allaboutapres

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