ANCHORAGE, Alaska – This moose was filmed outside of an Anchorage Costco, apparently attempting to steal sweet potatoes out of a shoppers cart.

The video was shared to the “Sharing Alaska” TikTok page by Amber Rotar, the apparent camerawoman and victim of the crime. Another angle of the moose was photographed and shared to Facebook by Janet Williams-Downing. According to the Independent, the incident occurred this past Saturday, February 10.

Fortunately he wasn’t displaying any aggression, so I wasn’t fearful as much as experiencing a healthy dose of apprehension.” – Amber Rotor


This local was caught by surprise in the Costco parking lot by a #moose trying to check out her groceries! 😳🫎 #SharingAlaska by Amber Rotar #Alaska #wildlife #onlyinalaska

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Amber’s ability to stay calm in this situation is pretty amazing. I think I’d be quite a bit freaked if a moose walked up to me like this. But I guess you probably get fairly used to stuff like that living in Alaska.

Scooch! I’ll give you the sweet potatoes! No ears back buddy. I’m not.. just schooch. You are very big.” – Amber Rotar

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Image Credit: Sharing Alaska via TikTok

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