WINTER PARK, Colorado – It’s been a busy year for massive four-legged ski resort visitors. It seems like every time I open my phone a new clip of a moose running rampant on the slopes graces my screen, and this past weekend was no exception.

Moose were spotted in several locations around Winter Park, including quite close to several skiers, throughout the weekend. On Saturday, one moose wandered close to one of the resort’s lifts, and another moose caused a rather large Super Bowl Sunday traffic jam on Berthoud Pass. According to Fox31, ski patrol monitors the animals when alerted to their presence, keeping a close eye on their activity. Lifts and trails can be shut down if necessary, both to protect the skiers and to protect the animal.

Moose are typically quite docile. They can be quite dangerous if agitated, though. Laid back ears, raised hairs on their neck, and licking of the snout are all signs that they may become aggressive. Make sure to leave plenty of space between you and any moose that you may be observing. Move slowly around them, and don’t head straight at them. Be prepared to back away if the animal begins showing signs of aggression.

If a moose decides to charge at you, your best bet is to turn and run as fast as possible, getting a large object, like a car or boulder, between you and the animal. Also beware of any pets near moose. They have a habit of causing the massive animals to become aggressive.

Imagine trying to explain that you were late to your friend’s Super Bowl Party because of a moose-induced traffic jam. Actually, if you live in Colorado, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to explain…

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Image Credit: FOX31 Denver via YouTube

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