One of the bucket list items for the best skiers and snowboarders on the planet is sending the Mount Baker Road Gap. Located on the Mount Baker highway that leads up to the famous ski area, it is a high risk for your body, but a high reward for your ego to jump over the road. According to the Seattle Times, it was first landed by Shawn Farmer in 1989, and many thrill seekers have taken it on since (with mixed results).

In June, Everest Hughes shared a POV video of him hitting the Mount Baker Road Gap last season. His friend Leif Coopman took it on first and landed it, so Everest knew what to do. Everest’s send was massive, and he crossed the road without issue. In terms of whether Everest landed it, it’s subject to debate. He sticks the landing originally, then loses his balance and crashes during the runout.

There are so many things that can go wrong when sending a gap like this, so you have to give this guy kudos for choosing the perfect jump, speed, and landing without a major injury. Everest did miss a good opportunity to play Free Bird as the music choice in the video below though.

Image/Video Credits: Everest Hughes

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