“This is the largest aircraft ever to land on Troll Airfield, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. A lot of hard work by many dedicated persons made this aviation milestone possible. Thank you to everybody involved!”

Congratulations to the flight crew from Norse Airlines and the folks on the ground from the Norwegian Polar Institute who just pulled off the first ever landing of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Antarctica. The Dreamliner rolled to safely to a stop at the end of the 9840 foot runway at Troll Airfield (which is completely constructed out of snow and ice) and delivered 12 tons of equipment and 45 passengers to a research station, making history in the process. Cheers to everyone involved!

“Norwegian Polar Institute has safely landed a Boeing 787 Dreamliner on Troll Airfield. A milestone! This demonstrates our capability of performing more effective flight operations to Antarctica by carrying a larger scientific and logistics crew, more cargo with a smaller environmental footprint.” -Norwegian Polar Institute director, Camilla Brekke

About Boeing 787 Dreamliner:

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a revolutionary commercial aircraft that first entered service in 2011. Known for its advanced technology and fuel efficiency, the Dreamliner is made primarily of composite materials, reducing its weight and improving aerodynamics. This twin-engine, wide-body jetliner boasts a range of approximately 7,530 to 8,555 nautical miles, making it suitable for long-haul flights. The 787’s innovative design includes larger windows with electronic dimming, improved air quality, and spacious interiors, enhancing passenger comfort. Its advanced systems, such as the advanced flight deck and powerful engines, contribute to increased operational efficiency for airlines. The Dreamliner has become a popular choice among airlines globally, reflecting the industry’s commitment to sustainability and passenger experience. Boeing’s 787 continues to shape the future of air travel with its blend of cutting-edge technology and passenger-centric features.