Trail Cam Captures All Walks of Life

A perfectly placed trail cam captures a wide rage of wild animals.

Video by Voyageurs Wolf Project

Witnessing wildlife in their untouched environment is genuinely fascinating. Capturing their behaviors undetected offers a unique insight into their world, far beyond what we could see if they were conscious of us observing them. While the concept might seem a bit unusual, it’s an invaluable method to study animal behavior.

The video here showcases an entire year at a beaver dam in Northern Minnesota, close to Voyageurs National Park, through a trail camera. This footage reveals an array of wildlife including wolves, bears, deer, beavers, ducks, foxes, and various bird species. Intriguingly, there’s a moment where a human is spotted crossing the dam in a peculiar way, which adds a touch of humor to the observation. This video is a testament to the wonder of nature and was a delightful watch.